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Iran revokes Russia’s use of air base, saying Moscow ‘betrayed trust’

Iran revokes Russia’s use of air base, saying Moscow ‘betrayed trust’

Iran revokes its permission for Russian planes to use the air base because of “ungentlemanly” behavior of Kremlin. According to Iran’s minister of defense, Brig. Gen. Hossein Dehghan, the Kremlin’s manner is a “betrayal of trust.”

Iran accused Russia of having publicized the deal on using the air base excessively, that’s why on Monday, permission given to Russians to use the Iranian air base, is annulled. The Kremlin’s fly bombing operations in Syria from Hamadan base took seven days only.

Iranians gave an extraordinary permission to Russians: no foreign power has based forces in Iran since World War II, that’s why trumpeting news in Russian mass media about one more political advantage in the Middle east looked unacceptably public and arrogant to Iranians. Such Kremlin’s behavior Iran called “betrayal of trust” and “ungentlemanly.”

According to experts, the Russians have seriously misread how a public announcement of their use of the Iranian air base would reverberate among Iranians. It worth to note, in response to the revoking the permission, the Russian MoD issued a statement, in which informed on completing the missions in Syria.

“The Russian military aircraft involved in launching airstrikes from the Iranian Hamadan base against terrorist sites in Syria successfully accomplished the tasks they had set out to complete,”

said Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov in a statement. In fact, satellite images show another conclusion — Russian operation was interrupted, not completed, as tries to say the MoD of Russia.