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Iran, Venezuela to strengthen strategic relations

Iran, Venezuela to strengthen strategic relations

Iran hails Venezuela’s decision to strengthen strategic relations, taking into account the outgoing Trump office. The two governments have already paved the solid way for the expansion of Tehran-Caracas relations, Politico reports.

The recent visit of the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to Caracas showed that both countries are ready to strengthen strategic relations.

In his interview to state-run news agency IRNA, Jorge Arreaza stressed that despite the Washington sanctions and pandemic, Iran and Venezuela remain the reliable partners in politic, trade, and culture.

“It is the strong will for freedom and independence that has united us, and in addition, our economies are complementary to each other. We are both members of OPEC,” the Venezuelan top diplomat said.

Amid the global coronacrisis, both Venezuelan and Iranian leaders emphasize the need to focus on certain strategic areas that have become top priorities for their peoples as a result of US sanctions against the two nations. The foreign ministries of the two countries are now planning to hold a bilateral commission.

“The meetings between Venezuelan and Iranian delegations are being held uninterruptedly, even in the difficult circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to increase cooperation and focus on priority areas,” Arreaza said.