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Iran’s ambassador to UK removed from post over hijab incident

Iran’s ambassador to UK removed from post over hijab incident

The Iranian ambassador to the United Kingdom is to be removed from his post due to the hijab incident. According to a video circulated, some women did not have their heads covered while they attend an embassy reception.

Iran’s ambassador Mohsen Baharvand will return to Tehran, the ILNA news agency has learned. The reason is hijab incident at the event commemorating the 43rd Iranian Revolution. A woman playing a piano alongside a violinist was not wearing a hijab, a traditional Muslim head cover.

The news became a part of a wider reorganisation of the Iranian diplomatic service being carried out by the new more hardline government led by Ebrahim Raisi, elected last June.

Baharvand was appointed by the foreign ministry before the presidential elections. Now, his departure comes at a critical time in British-Iranian relations.

Iran is on the cusp of deciding whether to accept Washington’s terms for a US return to the Iran nuclear deal, including the lifting of many sanctions. Alongside the nuclear talks, London is seeking to secure the release of three British-Iranian dual nationals detained in Iran.