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Iraqi police stop ISIS child suicide bomber

Iraqi police stop ISIS child suicide bomber

Iraqi police in Kirkuk stop child suicide bomber: on Sunday, the teenager was going to make an attack by blowing himself up. The place for a terroristic act was chosen in a residential district, and the 12-year-old was equipped with an explosives vest. His oversize football shirt seemed suspicious to the police.

The police of Kirkuk, Iraq, could prevent the terror attack on Sunday. According to footage from the scene of the incident, the boy in oversize football shirt took by the police officers, and after giving a kid a search, policemen have found an explosive vest on kid’s body.

Iraqi police were extremely attentive on Sunday because just a few hours earlier was registered another terror act, possibly by ISIS suicider. It was separate bombing at a Shia mosque, which injured three people. When police surrounded the boy, he started crying and screaming.

During interrogation by the security officers, the boy told he had been forced to wear the explosives vest by a group of masked men. They kidnapped him and made him commit such a suicide.