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Ireland abortion referendum voting opens

Ireland abortion referendum voting opens

During Ireland abortion referendum, voters will be asked if they wish to scrap a prohibition that was added in the Constitution by another referendum, Daily Mail reported.

Prime minister Leo Varadkar has called the Friday’s referendum a “once in a generation decision”. Abortion ban was lifted in 2013 only for cases where the mother’s life is in danger. Nowadays, many people believe that woman’s right to abort a pregnancy should be an integral part of her life. PM is also in favour of the change, the modern women also changed a lot in comparison with last century.

Despite Yes-movement, 78 percent of the Irish population is Catholic, and members of the church are hoping their members will vote No. If No wins, then abortion will stay illegal unless there is a risk to the mother’s life.

Actually, the referendum is the result of a decades-long debate about abortion in the Republic of Ireland and will be the country’s sixth vote on the issue.  Geraldine Martin, a spokeswoman for the Love Both pro-life campaign, said the government had failed to help mothers with unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion referendum starts on Friday

In Ireland, polling stations open at 6:00GMT and close at 21:00GMT and national broadcaster RTE is expected to publish an exit poll at 22:30GMT. The first indications of the final result are expected on Saturday after the count begins at 08:00GMT.

On Thursday and Friday, thousands of mostly young voters have flown home to Ireland as the country votes on whether or not to legalise abortion. The young women preferred to be responsible for their own bodies.

The highly contentious campaign has divided the nation, pitting young against old, town against country and church against state.
Ireland’s two biggest political parties, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, have allowed their MPs a free vote on the issue, opening up rifts between members.