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Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day online

Ireland to celebrate St Patrick’s Day online

Ireland celebrates its national holiday – St Patrick’s Day – online. This year, the colourful parades will not happen again. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all those colour parades become unavailable.

The virtual celebration runs from Friday until Wednesday and will be broadcast on St Patrick’s Festival TV – a free online channel. Anyone from all the corners of the planet is able to watch the fest.

The Irish diaspora from across the globe also returns home to the Emerald Isle to celebrate with friends and family for Ireland’s National Day.

Despite the corona crisis, the 2021 online festival now aims to connect 80 million people of Irish descent. More than 100 virtual events showcasing Irish music, theatre, art, poetry, storytelling, traditional arts, food, culture and much more planned for this festival.

Certainly, the centrepiece will be a virtual St Patrick’s Day parade where anyone can share their home parade with the world using social media hashtags.

In 2021, the organisers say they want Irish people around the globe to “throw off the long, dark months and rise to embrace brighter days ahead”.