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Ireland to open first official nudist beach next month

Ireland to open first official nudist beach next month

Ireland will get its own first nudist beach, next month every naturist will have an opportunity to take the sun bathes with no bathing suits, Irish Examiner reported.

In April, Ireland is set to open its first nude beach the news became the best ever surprise for the members of the Irish Naturist Association (INA) whose chief Pat Gallagher is really proud with such a decision of the authorities:

“Every other country in Europe has these kinds of signs” and they will simply say “nude bathers may be seen beyond this point,”

he said to the Irish Sun.

In what will be the nation’s first “nudist-friendly” beach, Hawk Cliff in Dalkey is set to undergo the nudist makeover – and public notices are already set to be placed around the surrounding area by the Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.

Ireland’s nudist first beach will be a place that is “clothing optional”

In fact, the beach for naturists in Ireland will be the beach isn’t technically a “nudist” area, simply a place that is “clothing optional”, said Gallagher:

“We don’t go out to offend anyone. We simply want to go there, lie in the sun, get in the water, have a swim… but we don’t want to wear anything, that’s all.”

Whatever it was, Gallagher believes the new nude-friendly beach will boost tourism, the most powerful stimulus for the Irish economy.

However, not everyone is happy about the announcement – Councillor John Bailey told the Irish Sun politicians were kept in the dark about the decision and he is “totally opposed.”

But despite the backlash, next month Hawk Cliff will officially be open to all beach-goers, swimwear or not.