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Is Hillary Clinton the best choice for Democrats?

Is Hillary Clinton the best choice for Democrats?

Hillary Clinton’s final rally revealed a more enthusiastic, full of energy candidate, just before the Iowa caucuses The former Secretary of State looked more natural in defending her ideas and proved once again that she may be the best choice for the White House spot.

Hillary Clinton was present in front of 2,500 people at Abraham Lincoln High School, trying to pull a rabbit out of a hat in her final rally. And with husband Bill and daughter Chelsea alongside her, the former Secretary of State gave Iowans what they’ve been asking for months: a more passionate and ready to fight attitude. She even approached the Wall Street subject, a very delicate topic in her campaign.

But can he keep her promises?

“They are running ads against me right here in Iowa”, said Hillary Clinton, according to Variety, before promising that she’ll do better than Sanders and O’Malley when it comes to implementing new regulations on “shadow” banking.

Well, if a few months ago you wouldn’t have heard Clinton talking about this economic issue, now with Sanders just a few steps away from her front-runner position, Hillary had to act quickly. And what better way to do it than handing the same ideas as the Vermont Senator, but with greater value? After all, we’re talking about a candidate with vast experience in politics, a former Secretary of State.

Although Hillary Clinton seemed unmotivated at some point, it’s good to see that Sanders’ campaign surge turned the Democratic front-runner into the candidate her supporters were rooting for at the beginning: passionate, enthusiastic and full of energy. Supporters from around the country have come to volunteer, including a contingent of Los Angeles donors. They were scared at first that Clinton could lose her lead, but after this weekend, their confidence in the former Secretary of State returned.

Is Bernie Sanders such a big threat?

“There are certain people who are ‘feeling the Bern’ today, she was on fire, and we ‘felt the Bern’ in a different way,” said Jon Vein, who has been raising money for Clinton in Los Angeles along with his wife, producer Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, according to the same source.

Hillary Clinton also held a speech at at Grand View University in Des Moines. There, she seemed even more confident in what she’s proposing and, while other candidates are implying a chance, Clinton is suggesting that the nation should continue the path commenced by Barack Obama.

“We are on the right path, my friends. We just have to stay on it”, said Hillary Clinton, quoted by The Huffington Post. And it actually makes sense for Clinton to assume that Iowans want Obamacare, current tax code and other programs to continue. After all, in 2008 her campaign stumbled in Iowa, with voters preferring Obama.

This could be the winning attitude

“I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear. I am going to tell you what I actually can get done”, said the former Secretary of State. “She is the grownup in the race. She is not going to win the kids with dreams, but win at least some of them and most of the adults with facts”, said one top adviser for the same source, who insisted on anonymity, when analyzing Clinton’s strategy.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign seems to have flourished again this weekend. And with this new attitude, adding her correct ideas and plans for America, we think it’s safe to presume that Hillary Clinton may be the best solution for Democrats when it comes to the party’s nomination for the White House.