Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Isis Claims Responsibility For Killing Yemeni Governor

The Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the killing of governor Jaafar Mohammed Saad of Yemen’s city of Aden earlier today with six of his bodyguards.

Isis posted a statement on a messaging service saying they had detonated a bomb while the convoy of Saad passed by. The group promised more such attacks will be launched on the heads of apostasy in the country.

The terror spreading organization posted photos too of the bloody trapped vehicle and two more photos showing a huge ball of power, probably from the bomb explosion.

Earlier, a local official said the explosion was done through a suicide bomber that rammed his vehicle into the convey of the government.

Yemen is suffering from civil was and Isis has taken advantage of it in spreading its existence in the country. Until now it has launched attacks on security bases and mosques.