Today: Friday, 1 March 2024 year

ISIS Gets 1st Major Beat-Down By Iraqi Forces

In a stunning victory, the Iraqi forces have claimed a major first major victory over the forces of ISIS and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

It was just this Christmas day that Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II addressed the world in an effort to focus on peace and to unite against the Islamic militants the world over. In response to the Pontiff and her Majesty, ISIS’ top leader Baghdadi stuck his head out of his ground hole, the first time in 7 months to spew out threats to the west and Israel. Now with the news that the US backed Iraqi forces have one their first major battle against ISIS puts down a light of hope at the end of the tunnel.

In addition, a setback wby where the Russians had bombed the number one opposition group’s leader to ISIS and the Syrian governenment in Damascus, Syria, the battle ground now looks favorable for more victories.

The victory is in the provincial capital that is west of Baghdad. It’s the first such victory since ISIS took over the region 18 months ago. ISIS had held a third of Iraq under its draconian Islamic boot until this decisive battle.

It’s the city of Ramadi the capital of primarily Sunni-Muslims in the Anbar province that is west of the capital. It’s also in the Euphrates River Valley. Like the famous battle of Joshua and Jericho from the religious scriptures, the Iraqi forces encircled the city until they were finally able to assault and recapture the central administration complex this Sunday. Next step for the Iraqi forces is to clean up the small pockets of trouble to make the area able for rehabilitation and re-population by the citizens of the country.

Locals, including tribal leaders will be part of the rehabilitation and security forces. This should create more amity in the process and lessen the opportunities for infighting and competition.

The US was hard pressed to get the Iraqis to finally win a major battle, as when ISIS first swept through the region, the Iraqi military fled, leaving tons of weapons and vehicles that ISIS made good use of. Now with old ground regained, the Iraqis are going to move onto Mosul, a former heavily populated area. Should the Iraqis win Mosul, ISIS would lose their total grip on Iraq as well as money, oil, and more.

Military analysts will be examining what the Iraqis did that was so successful and then shore up their forces anyway they can. They need to secure Ramadi so that it becomes impregnable to ISIS forces or terrorist attacks. From now on, the people in the region will be walking on eggshells as ISIS is sure to not give up causing mayhem and havoc in retaliation.

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