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ISIS Loses Again: US Kills More ISIS Leaders

ISIS Loses Again: US Kills More ISIS Leaders

Well, you won’t be seeing anyone from ISIS dancing and singing and celebrating the holiday season because at least 10 of their leaders have gotten killed and they’ve lost their foothold of the city of Ramadi in Iraq.

The Iraq military and local militia groups teamed up and bet the snot out of the ISIS forces sending them fleeing for their lives. There’s lots of cleaning up to do and convincing the people to return as the rehabilitation of the city gets underway, but it’s all cheers for the good guys after over a year and a half of brutal ISIS rule.

Add to that, the deaths of several ISIS leaders over the past several weeks and you have ISIS on the defensive like never before.

News also has emerged that several of the ISIS leaders killed had connections to the Paris bombings that killed 130 or more. That being said, the time for US led forces to strike while the iron is hot is now.

The US says they killed the ISIS bigshots via targeted air strikes, meaning they knew where the ISIS leaders were and with precision took them off the count.

With this victory and precision, it sends a message to ISIS that the allies are better at knowing their game. Little by little, time and intelligence are whittling away at the ISIS force field and with their top men getting killed with more frequency, their battle strategies have taken a turn for the worse. With ISIS scrambling around to regroup, more opportunities arise for the US and its allies to find more holes in ISIS’ plans.

Another good point of this victory is that it shows ISIS not to be invincible. Now that there is conflict with Saudi Arabia and Iran, greater military exchanges might take place that puts ISIS on the back burner. Trying to find out who one’s allies are after you’ve angered just about everybody means that ISIS may soon find itself surrounded with no possible way to escape and that’s when Russia and the US will turn what’s left of ISIS into a distant memory.

As 2016 now rolls into play, and with a change in Presidents due by the end of the year, the US’s strategy on ISIS has to be stronger and without quarter. ISIS is off balance and confused at this point and now is the time to hit them. Mostly Russia has been targeting fuel transports but that’s not going to much good as there are other ways that ISIS gets funded. What’s more effective is the support to Iraqi troops and more targeting of ISIS leaders, who for some reason just won’t keep their heads down and shut up.

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