Today: Monday, 15 April 2024 year

Israel, Chad have renewed diplomatic ties

Israel, Chad have renewed diplomatic ties

Israel is keeping its foreign policy and doing its best to improve diplomatic relations with several African countries. On Monday, Chad and Israel have renewed diplomatic ties, Benjamin Netanyahu and Chad’s President Idriss Deby have signed the historical document.

The agreement between Chad and Israel was described by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “a partnership… to forge a prosperous and secure future for our countries”. Both countries have turned the page in their relations, say the political observers. In fact, the African state, which has a majority Muslim population, cut ties with Israel in 1972.

Israeli’s PM congratulations came during a brief visit to Chad where he was welcomed by President Idriss Deby. Mr Netanyahu’s official visit reciprocates Deby’s trip to Israel last November, the first by a Chadian leader.

In addition to renewing diplomatic ties the two leaders signed several agreements, Mr Deby told a joint press conference, but did not say what those deals were.

Chad, Israel have a mutual interest in their closer cooperation

According to Israeli’s PM, the purpose of an official visit is to bring both two countries closer and to cooperate, especially when the African state is interested in security, intelligence, technology and a pathway to Washington.

In 2016, Benjamin Netanyahu became the first Israeli premier to visit Africa in nearly three decades, with a trip to Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda. he was steadily deepening the relations with the African continent, bringing the partnership and cooperation. In 2017, Mr Netanyahu attended a meeting in Liberia of heads of state from the West African regional group, ECWAS. Unfortunately, an Israel-Africa summit that was supposed to take place in Togo in October 2017 was cancelled.

In the light of recent improving the relations, Israel and chad will have many opportunities to strengthen their economic, cultural and diplomatic links.