Today: Saturday, 2 March 2024 year

Israel has introduced a new hypersonic missile.

Israel has introduced a new hypersonic missile.

The Israeli defense concern Rafael has unveiled a new SkySonic interceptor missile that it has been developing for the past three years.

As previously reported by the developer, the SkySonic hypersonic missile interception system is capable of neutralizing missiles flying at a speed of 10 times faster than sound.

At the air show in the Israeli pavilion, various air defense systems, missiles, radars, drones, and warning systems are also presented. Also of interest is the Orbiter 5 reconnaissance drone model presented by Aeronautics Defense Systems, the latest development of the concern.


In early June, Iran presented a hypersonic missile, Tehran stated that its speed was Mach 12-13.
Israeli media quoted Defense Minister Yoav Galant, who opened the pavilion, as “a clear strategy to destabilize not only the region, but the whole world: in response to Iranian attempts, Israel is strengthening its defenses, using all means to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.”

The air show in Le Bourget will last until June 25.