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Israel ‘must end occupation,’ says Turkey’s Erdogan

Israel ‘must end occupation,’ says Turkey’s Erdogan

Turkish President Erdogan meets in Ankara with Palestinian leader Abbas. Both support the position that Israel must end the occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas thanked Erdogan for Turkish position regards Israeli measures at the Al-Aqsa mosque and the provocations of Muslim people. On Monday, Erdogan and Abbas during their talks discussed recent developments in Jerusalem and at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The leaders of Turkey and Palestine welcomed the revival of a peace process led by the United States. The process was frozen since the spring of 2014 when US mediation failed.


Erdogan reiterated Turkey’s official position supporting two states within the 1967 borders, and said that Turkey would continue to support the recognition of a Palestinian state in all international forums.

“Turkey is always ready to support efforts to revive the peace process. The key to success here is protecting the rights of the Palestinians,”

Erdogan said and stressed that Ankara raises its voice for a recognition of Palestine in every international summit. The Turkish President stated that Israel shouldn’t continue to control the narrative covered by the press, allegedly through blood, tears and confrontation.

Mahmoud Abbas stated that the talks with President Erdogan were fruitful as never before.

“I have updated him on recent developments in our region and especially on the results of the recent visit of the American delegation and the efforts to convene the Palestinian National Council,”

he added.