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Israeli elections to decide Netanyahu’s political fate

Israeli elections to decide Netanyahu’s political fate

Israel to decide the political perspectives for Benjamin Netanyahu while almost six million eligible voters are ready to make their choice.

In Israel, a turnout in recent elections has grown steadily. According to polls, neither prime minister Netanyahu nor any of his political rivals securely forming a coalition after the fourth election in two years.

The Israelis are fiercely divided over his leadership, which has been tested by the corruption charges against him and a coronavirus outbreak.

The latter has been curbed by the world’s most aggressive vaccination campaign, a factor that could be decisive in the electoral outcome.

In Israel, the election was called after PM’s joint administration with Defense Minister Benny Gantz collapsed in December, seven months into its term.

Final polls showed the Likud party gaining steam and leading by a wide margin, buoyed by the immunization drive and defections from right-wing adversaries, The National has learned.