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Italian fashion legend Carla Fendi dies at 79 in Rome

Italian fashion legend Carla Fendi dies at 79 in Rome

Carla Fendi, the leather designer and fashion legend, died in Rome on Monday night following a long illness. In recent time, the business woman and owner of one of the greatest fashion empires was concentrated on coordinating the brand’s marketing and PR.

Carla Fendi’s family announced on Tuesday that founder of Fendi fashion house has died at the age of 79. Carla was one of the five Italian sisters at the helm of the world-famous Italian brand whose extremely stylish leather goods became iconic.

Carla together with her siblings transformed their parents’ small leather workshop into a luxury fashion powerhouse, the whole world knows that name. The label was the public face of Fendi company famous for its line of colourful ‘baguette’ bags that cost thousands of pounds.Image result for carla fendi

While other members of the family were regarded as the creative forces, Carla preferred to concentrate on ruling Fendi’s marketing and PR. Ms Fendi understood the importance of promoting her family brand onto the modern market, her recent activity was aimed at keeping the luxury status of the label and it’s sustainable growth popularity.

Over time their logo of two F’s, one of them upside-down and backwards, became an internationally recognised symbol for luxury.

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