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Italian Foreign Minister called Draghi’s resignation beneficial for Russia

Italian Foreign Minister called Draghi’s resignation beneficial for Russia

Disagreements in the ruling coalition of Italy play into the hands of the Russian authorities, and the possible collapse of the government will make Europe weaker, said Foreign Minister of the Republic Luigi Di Maio.

“My heart is crying when toasts were raised in Moscow last night, Medvedev was happy because Putin was served Draghi’s head on a silver platter. Autocracies raise toasts and democracies weaken. Without this government, Europe is also becoming weaker,” Di Maio said.

The day before, Italian President Sergio Mattarella did not accept the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who submitted his petition to the head of state. This happened after a vote in the Senate of the Republic, in which parliamentarians confirmed their confidence in the government headed by Draghi. 172 senators voted in favor of the vote of confidence, 39 opposed. However, one of the members of the ruling coalition, the 5 Star Movement, refused to take part in the voting, which formally marked their withdrawal from the parliamentary majority.

The movement was dissatisfied with the insufficient, according to its representatives, support of the population during the crisis against the backdrop of rising energy prices and the worsening economic situation in the country. Draghi, in turn, stated that he did not see his government without his participation.