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Italy suggests restarting tourism from June 2nd

Italy suggests restarting tourism from June 2nd

Italy prime minister confirmed that the country could ease the COVID restrictions in May and reopen the touristic sector in June.

The COVID-19 strict rue s could be eased by the Italian government in May, said PM Mario Draghi on Thursday. However, the top official gave no date has been set in stone for the restart of tourism in Italy this June. “Let’s hope so, maybe even earlier, who knows,” Draghi said, stressing that the summer season has not been “abandoned”.

“June 2nd is a national holiday and that could be the time,” Italy’s Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia had told the journalists on Thursday.

According to governmental experts, there is a very ideological debate on reopening in June. “There is no black or white. But it would be wrong to give only negative signals, because the economy also runs on expectations,” Garavaglia added.

For Italy, reopening the tourism sector means a lot, taking into account the year of pandemic and total absence of tourists. Meantime, PM said that some limitations “may be dropped” as early as April 20th, The Local Italy has learned.