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Italy to drop outdoor mask-wearing rule next week

Italy to drop outdoor mask-wearing rule next week

Italy’s Health Minister Roberto Speranza wrote on Facebook that the country to drop the outdoor mask-wearing rule from next Monday.

As COVID-10 pathogen weakened substantially across entire Italy, the health authorities are ready to ease the strict rules. Officially, from June 28, the government will relax the current requirement to wear face masks at all times outside.

Since October 2020, the EU country lives under strict health protocol, under which face coverings are obligatory, The Local Italy reports. This June, as temperatures soar across Italy, many people will be just happy to hear that masks aren’t obligatory any more.

Masks will no longer be compulsory at all times outdoors in Italy from June 28th, the health ministry Speranza confirmed on Monday.

Face masks are still useful as PPE

Despite the statement of the top medical official, the Italian rules currently state that masks must be worn at all times when out of the house, indoors and outdoors. The only exception is cases where ‘due to the characteristics of the place or the circumstances, isolation is continuously guaranteed.’

Social distancing is expected to remain in place and people will still be required to carry masks with them, as concerns remain high in Italy about a potential rise in new coronavirus cases fuelled by the Delta variant.

Up to date, Italy has fully vaccinated 30 percent of the population over 12 years old as of Tuesday. In total, more than 46 million vaccine doses have been administered in Italy, though health bodies warn that one dose may not offer sufficient protection from Delta and other strains.