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Ivanka Trump about her father’s behavior: “He is not a groper”

Ivanka Trump about her father’s behavior: “He is not a groper”

Donald Trump is a great father to his children, his authority is unshakable. Daughter Ivanka Trump has always supported his father, even if he is wrong from the point of view of the public or conduct. Trumps are the clan, business, political and family one. That’s why Ivanka Trump commented her father’s behavior with just: “He is not a groper”.

A video of Ivanka Trump defending her father amidst a slew of sexual assault allegations last May has recently resurfaced following mass outrage over an unearthed clip of Donald Trump bragging about groping women in 2005. Now, Ivanka wrote on his account about the father:

“I’m not in every interaction my father has. But he’s not a groper.”

Trumps are very strong family, actually is a real clan. They are powerful and helps to each other all the time. “Family is family, blood is the blood,” this postulate is well known all members of the Trump clan.

Ivanka Trump

However, Ivanka Trump has yet to release a public statement since the release of her father’s controversial video on Friday. On Sunday, whole America will watch the next round of the debates: Hillary and Donald both are in not their best position now, but Trump is very vulnerable these days.