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Ivanka Trump is a bad ambassador for US working women

Ivanka Trump is a bad ambassador for US working women

Ivanka Trump is a not the perfect ambassador for the US working women despite her efforts and even her book called ‘Women Who Work.’ In fact, Ivanka is not a woman who works at all. Her office in the White House doesn’t mean that she works for the US.

Ivanka Trump left her working place in the eponymous fashion brand because of her father’s presidency. But she has published a book ‘Women Who Work’ last May, prior to the great changes in her life. Consequently, the first daughter who now doesn’t work at all can not be a good ambassador for the working women of America.

Ivanka gave the powerful speech at the Republican National Convention last summer when she explained the importance for every woman to be a proactive member of the society and to be paid equally. In her book, Donald Trump’s daughter wrote:

‘Policies that allow women with children to thrive should not be novelties — they should be the norm.’

While Ms Trump may want to be the new face of working motherhood, the reality of the policies she has devised for her father diverge starkly from her rhetoric. It is really painful that the US employers are offering very little to most parents, especially the ones who really need the support, probably, Ivanka could be helpful if she works on the regular basis like other American mums.

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump are not working women

The women of Trump clan are attractive and popular persons but not in the terms of their working or professional qualities. Despite Ivanka’s active involvement in the father’s election campaign, the Americans believe that Ivanka is a bad ambassador for the US working women.

The politics of paid leave and child care have certainly shifted: They’re now bipartisan issues, at least among some lawmakers. But it is important not just that the country adopt these policies, but what kinds of policies it adopts. If Ms Trump wants to champion working women, she needs to offer more than photo ops and empty promises.