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Ivanka Trump, Fabletics, Tommy Hilfiger to purge from closets due to poor sales

Ivanka Trump, Fabletics, Tommy Hilfiger to purge from closets due to poor sales

Ivanka Trump got a new office in the White House but the first daughter isn’t too lucky with her commercial deals. Her fashion eponymous brand is resold more than others, found out the recent ThredUp report. Very soon Fabletics and Tommy Hilfiger items will be purged from big closets due to poor sales.

ThredUp specialises in reselling secondhand women’s and kids’ clothing, its first report was released online last week. So-called ‘Purge Surge’ analysis identifies what the fashion brands and styles people are purging the most from their closets.

The online report based on the figures of 2015 and 2016, explains the spokeswoman Samantha Jacob. To understand the scale of analysis, Ms Jacob notes that ThredUp processes on daily basis 75,000 items of clothing in four distribution centres. The first place in that chart belongs to New York & Company, the second most purged brand is Tommy Hilfiger, third is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Ivanka Trump landed at number 7 on the list.

ThredUp identified several brands, which lost too many points in their sales:

1. New York & Company, 472 percent increase from 2016 over 2015

2. Tommy Hilfiger, 469 percent

3. Fabletics (by Kate Hudson), 326 percent

7. Ivanka Trump, 223 percent

Ivanka Trump, Tommy Hilfiger

Ivanka Trump and fashion brand’s popularity

Tommy Hilfiger has no fresh ideas and tries to squeeze so-called vintage from backing to the 80s, while Kate Hudson items aren’t interesting at all. Ivanka Trump made a lot of really good things to wear but the boycott crushed sales in February too strong.

According to the analytics, there are two factors for purge surge in general: i) the brand is losing its popularity or (ii) the brand has grown in volume. The Ivanka Trump Collection, according to the data, suggests that the ‘Purge Surge’ rationale varies by market.