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Ivanka Trump, new perspectives, political career

Ivanka Trump, new perspectives, political career

Ivanka Trump has all chances to become the new person in the US political sphere. This young woman has built her own successful business, she is a diplomatic and pragmatic person, and after the election of her father as the 45th President, she got new perspectives. During the 2016 Presidential campaign of Donald Trump, his daughter was its symbol, boosting it when needed.

Ivanka Trump has strengthened with her presence and constant support the 2016 Presidential campaign of Republican Trump. While Trump-father often spoke disrespectfully about women, Ivanka constantly defended him. The observers find such a duo successful and promising one.

Donald Trump as the 45th US president will undoubtedly consult with Ivanka. For Trump family it is a double benefit: gaining the influence of clan and political future for prominent Ivanka.

Trump familyIvanka Trump is now reaching a new level, the businesswoman may gradually turn into a politician. Firstly, Ivanka’s support helped her father in his presidential campaign, secondly, after his election, Mr President will probably give daughter one of the posts in his Administration. The smart and dynamic woman in the power, isn’t this is the dream of many Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton?

Ivanka Trump, by the way, should be sincerely grateful to Donald’s the rival in the 2016 presidential elections. Hillary Clinton has personally simplified the path of women to power. And who knows, maybe, Ivanka will go this way in a few years?