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Ivanka Trump under fire after she hails US workers as the ‘best’ while using China’s

Ivanka Trump under fire after she hails US workers as the ‘best’ while using China’s

Ivanka Trump’s praising the American workers sounded strange, taking into account that the first daughter and business lady uses the Chinese workers for the manufacturing of her brand’s goods. This week, Ivanka has come under fire and even was branded a ‘hypocrite’.

Ivanka and Donald Trump always were saying that the American workers are best, but the first daughter was criticised for the obvious gap between the things she says and she does. Both Trumps, father and daughter, have goods for their businesses manufactured overseas, moreover, Ivanka noticed with passion in her recent speech that American employees as “more innovative, more motivated, more capable” than any other people on the planet.

Talking about the working environment in the UA, POTUS’ special adviser called for tax reform, adding that the “cumbersome” system needed a shake-up to bring about a “level playing field” for both individuals and corporations.

‘I believe with my heart and soul, and my father does, and this administration does, that no one can best the American worker,’

the first daughter concluded.

Many Trumps’ goods tagged Made in China

Ivanka’s comments regarding the workers from the United States triggered an avalanche of criticism, her praise for US workers was branded “hypocrisy” on social media. In fact, businessmen Trumps used to use the Chinese workers for the manufacturing the goods.

Users posted images showing a “Made in China” label on a line of her fashion company’s shoes, and on a brand of signature ties sold by one of her father Donald’s companies.

One of the most prominent Trump’s promises during his presidential run was “Make America Great Again”, that slogan undoubtedly made Americans vote for Donald Trump. The Republican candidate promised to pull back the millions of mostly manufacturing jobs that had been lost to cheaper labour markets overseas such as Mexico and China.