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Ivanka Trump’s new book: I’m a working mom who can’t always get a massage

Ivanka Trump’s new book: I’m a working mom who can’t always get a massage

Ivanka Trump’s multitasking is amazing, President’s daughter knows how to find time not only for official foreign visits, interviews, work in the White House, doing business, and complex legal issues, but also writing books. In the plural, that’s correct – Ivanka is known as a rather prolific writer. 

In her new book, the first daughter sent a clear message:

‘I’m a working mom who can’t always get a massage’.

Cover of 'Women Who Work' by Ivanka Trump.Ivanka Trump is a woman, that’s pure truth, and she confesses sometimes she had to go into ‘survival mode’. That meant to be the first daughter didn’t have enough time to meditate, to treat herself to a massage, to make much time for self-care at all. In her second book, Ivanka laid out all these issues.

Ivanka Trump (or Kushner?), the mother-of-three and the first daughter, has released her new book for women on Tuesday. “Women who work are real,” Ivanka writes, in Women who Work, Rewriting the Rules for Success, her book No 2.

Ivanka Trump as an example of the working American mother

Donald Trump’s daughter in her second book supplied many anecdotes about her privilege status. The first daughter confesses her worries about not being taken seriously as a smart negotiator and tough executive if she expressed the realities of being a young working mother.

In fact, the author titled her book as the ‘Women who Work, Rewriting the Rules for Success’ and didn’t said anything useful about this very rewriting. Probably, the common American women should know the only thing about Ivanka’s understanding the term ‘working woman’ – the daughter of a billionaire family who married into another billionaire family is able to rewrite any rules.

The critics found this opus very weak, the author sprinkles in shout-outs and quotes from other voices (be ready to read the quotes from the Dalai Lama to Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey to Coco Chanel), but the overall tone is one of a TED pep talk for women tycoons-in-the-making. Like father, like daughter!