Today: Thursday, 30 May 2024 year

Japan canceled 63 flights due to bomb threats.

Japan canceled 63 flights due to bomb threats.

After the forced landing of the low-cost Jetstar aircraft at the Chubu airport in Japan, 63 flights were canceled in the country due to bomb threats, and four more flights were forced to change their destination.

On Saturday morning, a Jetstar flight was en route from Narita Airport near Tokyo to Fukuoka in the south of the country. After that, the Narita airport received a call from Germany and a male voice in English called the flight number, warning that a plastic bomb had been planted in the luggage compartment.

As a result, the plane made an emergency landing at Chubu Airport in Aichi Prefecture. In total, there were 136 passengers and six crew members on board. During the evacuation, five people received scratches and bruises.

The police checked the ship and the luggage compartment, but no explosives were found. Due to the forced landing, the runway was closed for 4.5 hours.