Today: Tuesday, 5 March 2024 year

Japan launched an H2A rocket with a spy satellite on board.

Japan launched an H2A rocket with a spy satellite on board.

The Japanese aerospace agency JAXA launched the H2A rocket with the Kogaku-8 optical satellite on board from the Tanegashima Cosmodrome, broadcast live on the website of the MBC television channel (Minaminihon Broadcasting Co, Ltd.).

The launch was planned for January 11, but was postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

It is known that the Kogaku-8 satellite belongs to the Japanese government and will collect information. It will monitor the Earth’s surface from space and collect data related to military installations, movements and the situation in North Korea, primarily in connection with the North Korean missile program, and it will also serve the purpose of collecting information during natural disasters. The development of the satellite cost 40 billion yen ($275 million).

The Japanese government currently uses 10 satellites to collect information.

The N2A rocket runs on liquid fuel. This is the 48th launch of this type of rocket. Its operation is expected to be completed in fiscal year 2024, which begins April 1, following the 50th launch anniversary. The N2A should be replaced by the new generation N3 rocket. Its launch is planned after February 15 this year.

If the rocket launched on Friday places the satellite into its intended orbit, this launch will become the 42nd successful for this modification. Thus, the percentage of successful launches for H2A will be 97.9%.