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Japan’s foreign minister to visit Turkey

Japan’s foreign minister to visit Turkey

The Japanese top diplomat scheduled to pay an official visit to Turkey and other countries in the Middle Eastern region from Sunday, Andalou Agency reports.

The Japanese foreign minister Toshimitsu Motegi will discuss the issues of regional security and response to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the FM’s office, Toshimitsu Motegi will also tour Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Qatar from August 15 to 24.

“The peace and stability of the Middle East region is extremely important for the international community including Japan,” the top Japanese diplomat added.

Asked during the news conference in the capital Tokyo about Japan’s commitment to the Middle East, the foreign minister said that during a visit, he will once again underscore commitment to the region by the Japanese long years of contribution to the peace and prosperity of the Middle Eastern region and by forging robust relations.

According to Mr Motegi, he will have a “frank exchange” of opinions on the regional situation and “work closely with” regional countries “to promote the stability of the region.”

Over the centuries, Turkey and Japan are close allies and enjoy strong bilateral ties. In fact, their friendship dates back to the Ottoman era, while modern diplomatic relations began in 1924. The first Turkish mission in Japan was established in 1925. In 2013, the two countries, have entered the new phase of their political relations, the strategic partnership.