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Jared Leto is perfect actor for The ‘Tron’ revival

Jared Leto is perfect actor for The ‘Tron’ revival

Jared Leto as an actor and performer has a great diapason, that’s why he can be just perfect for the “Tron” revival, producers say. The last week born a new series of the rumours about Disney that moves forward with a third instalment of Tron. 

Jared got tonnes of attraction in every his role despite his starting career as musician. The Oscar-winner actor is smart, deep and thinking personality, that gives him a lot of advantages in his acting, that’s why he can be an ideal character (and producer!) in the third instalment of ‘Tron’.

Leto, an Academy Award-winner, would play a character named Ares, who has not appeared on screen before, revealed producers their secrets. This new character will act in the movie, which definitely wouldn’t be a direct sequel to the first two movies.

Jared Leto as a star and producer for next ‘Tron’

So far, the fans are waiting for an official comment from their idol about new episode of Disney saga. The Leto’s admirers know every his work, from The Joker to the role in Aronofsky’s ‘Requiem for a dream’, so they are absolutely sure that Jared is the perfect actor for the ‘Tron’ revival after his fantastic performance as a Joker. That was unbelievable!

If Disney is serious about striking a deal with Leto and his production company, Paradox, for a reboot (or sequel) to Tron, the studio would be continuing its trend of choosing unconventional actors and directors, and trusting their visions.

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