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Jay Z and Beyonce now a ‘billionaire couple’

Jay Z and Beyonce now a ‘billionaire couple’

Jay Z and Beyonce run their family business, now this couple combined fortune is worth more than 1 billion dollars. However, Forbes magazine notes that most of this money is connected to Jay Z’s companies.

Beyonce and Jay Z are expecting twins, the musicians are very successful in every aspect of the life. The couple now is worth more than 1 billion dollars, according to Forbes’ estimation.

Most of the family money ($1.16bn) tied with Roc Nation and other Jay Z’s projects. Both them also have stakes in the streaming service, Tidal. Jay Z signed a new 10-year deal with touring giant Live Nation, worth $200m, this figure will be added to the next year estimation.

The billionaire couple’s fortune of $1.16bn proportions like this: Jay Z’s $810m, and his wife’s at $350m. But now all the hopes and aspirations of couple tied with their babies. The five-year-old Blue Ivy will soon be a sister to the twins.

Beyonce made a luxury appearance in Instagram when she announced her pregnancy. Despite this her status, the singer was a headliner the Coachella music festival in southern California in April.

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