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Jeb Bush raise funds in Christie’s stronghold

Jeb Bush raise funds in Christie’s stronghold

Republican presidential hopeful and former Florida governor, Jeb Bush, locked in a furious battle for establishment support, ventured onto Chris Christie’s home turf on Monday and delivered some jabs to raise funds for his campaign. At a fundraiser and delegate organizing meeting in Princeton, about a mile from the governor’s mansion, Bush contrasted his record as former Florida governor with Christie’s tenure in New Jersey.

Jeb Bush gains momentum in polls

Jeb Bush is gaining momentum in his bid to occupy the White House. In a recent Reuters poll which shows him in third place, behind Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz, Jeb is gradually positioning himself as the candidate to beat Trump and Cruz. Two South Carolina polls support that, showing the one-time frontrunner gaining ground, even edging out Florida’s other favorite son, Sen. Marco Rubio. There have been suggestions that his rise in the polls has to do with the campaign’s deep pockets. His super PAC has raised $103 million. So far, they’ve spent $5 million on ads.

Bush need to face Trump and cruz

The two leading GOP candidates will give Jeb a run for his money, as he plans to get hold of the GOP ticket. With Donald Trump and Ted Cruz leading the GOP field with just two weeks until the first primary votes are cast, Bush, Christie, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich are competing for establishment backing.

Bush and Christie battle for support

According to politico, Bush expressed criticism of Christie’s economic management of New Jersey, pointing to the credit downgrades during Christie’s time in office. Bush also described Christie as being a supporter of gun control. Bush and Christie are pushing especially hard in New Hampshire. Bush will need to perform strong in the next GOP debate to continue his rise. It’s set for Jan. 28 in Iowa, just two days before voters go to caucus in the Hawkeye State.