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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially file for divorce

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner officially file for divorce

Jennifer Garner has officially ended their marriage, Ben Affleck’s affair with the nanny became the most bitter thing in her life, so, the actress has filed to divorce husband. Pity, none specialist could save this family alliance after such inelegant Ben’s behaviour.

Jennifer Garner made a heavy decision and initiated the divorce process in an official way. Her soon-to-be estranged husband Ben Affleck was begging for mercy over two years, but Jennifer is a proud and strong personality who bever forgive his behaviour. Of course, co-parenting will help the family to keep their tights but Jen and Ben are not loving husband and wife, unfortunately.

The Oscar-winning actor had a short affair with the nanny couple of years ago, and revealing this fact became an unbearable humiliation for Garner. She split but allowed kids to see the father. Despite this so-called amicable split and family therapy, the couple couldn’t reunite after all.

Holy father: Ben also attended the service with his soon-to-be ex wife and children

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have no prenup

The Hollywood star Affleck also submitted an almost identical response to what is being described as an ‘amicable’ split after 12 years of marriage it emerged Thursday.
The pair announced to have filed without using a lawyer, and they are asking for joint legal and physical custody of their three children.

The actors have no prenup, with each entitled to an equal split of assets. Mr Affleck is worth an estimated $105 million, while Ms Garner is worth $60 million. It is believed a mediator will handle the divorce, rather than a judge. The caring and loving parents don’t want to traumatise their kids with cruel divorce’s details. The bitter example of Pitt-Jolie is just disgusting, say the Hollywood insiders.

Devout: Jennifer and her children attended church in West Los Angeles on Sunday