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Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez: $760 mln prenup details and crazy-hot chemistry

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez: $760 mln prenup details and crazy-hot chemistry

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are an item now, the couple is getting to tie a knot, so their lawyers are already prepared the prenup. Things are getting serious between two A-listers, and they both look so happy and relaxed.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are dating since February, now the new couple has begun to talk about the marriage, which means automatically a prenup taking. It’s Hollywood!

According to the recent news, the 47-year-old singer and her 41-year-old athlete have been talking about a prenuptial agreement, details of which is still unavailable. The insider believes that Jennifer not only wants to protect her own money but to make sure her sweet twins Max and Emme are taken care of. it is worth to say hat Alex has the same reasons (12-year-old Natasha and eight-year-old Ella), so prenup will be finished soon.

Jennifer Lopez Alex Rodriguez SplashAlex Rodriguez is the caring and loving father, that’s why his finances and a prenup are very important to him, too. When the A-listers reach an agreement, they tell the public about the marriage or engagement date. JLo and Alex  have this crazy-hot chemistry, says the insider:

“She really wants to marry Alex by the end of the year. She doesn’t want to wait because she knows he’s her soul mate.”

Taking into account, that the baseballer has been “obsessed” with the “Booty” songstress “for well over a decade” before their relationship blossomed. Jennifer is just happy to have such a solid and strongman right beside her, she used to think he was a bit creepy because [Alex] would show up backstage at her Vegas show and stop by the set of Shades of Blue.