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Jeremy Corbyn: No second Brexit referendum

Jeremy Corbyn: No second Brexit referendum
The leadership of the Labour party is an aim of Corbyn’s campaign, British politician intends to hold the position. Among other promises, Corbyn assured Britons that it’ll be no second Brexit referendum.

During his recent interview on BBC Newsnight, Jeremy Corbyn stated that U.K. doesn’t need at all the second referendum on Brexit. On Thursday, the politician marked the start of the campaign to hold onto leader position of the Labour party.

Regarding the EU’s divorce file and its clauses, Corbyn said that UK will exit from the E.U. earlier than other thought, so “this should happen quickly”. Jeremy Corbyn added:

 “I think you have to respect the result of the referendum, whether you welcome it or not, and respect the result which was, unfortunately a vote to leave.”

The question of the BBC Newsnight journalist about immigrant issue met the quick Corbyn’s reaction, he answered that the Britain has enough alternative ways to regulate this actual problem. Free movement of labour was a good habit inside the E.U., but now the U.K. will have to live under new conditions.