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Jewel Robbery Mistaken For Terrorist Attack In Riverside Mall

Dozens of people at the Galleria of Tyler mall in Riverside, California, were locked down at around 6:30 p.m. after terrified staff and shoppers reported gunfire in the building.

The sound however turned out breaking of glass by three men who entered a jewelry store to rob jewels kept inside a glass display.

The first thing that came in people’s thought after the sound was they were under terrorist attack as a deadly terror shooting took place recently in nearby San Bernardino that killed 14 innocent people.

Police immediately reached the mall and locked it down and later Sunday night said in a statement no shooting took place in the building.

The Riverside Police Department said the sound was of a robbery and the suspects have fled after the robbery.

Video footage posted online shows a figure dressed in black smashed a glass display with a mallet and a woman ran from the store.