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Jewish charities in Israel

Jewish charities in Israel

Charity is a powerful incentive for the unifying the people, it is very nice to see that the modern Jewish people understand the power of such mutual help. Undoubtedly, it helps survive under the toughest circumstances and gives the hope. The small state of Israel is known for its charities’ network that helps poor families to survive and not to lose the faith in humanity.

Charity work is well developed in the country, best Jewish charities provide not only a food basket but fight with poverty, help to teenagers at risk, accumulating donations etc. All Israeli children are brought up in a spirit of mutual assistance, consequently, kids understand that they able to help at any moment–not only with money but with good deeds too. This is the quintessence of charity: to make the world better every day, providing all possible assistance.

Charity is not only the generous donations of sponsors, is a daily care, which even a school kid can provide, for example, he or she is able to help with grocery shopping to the old lady neighbour. In other words, it is important to look around and realise that you can help right here, right now. The charitable work always was a very important aspect of an education, moreover, Israeli parents prefer to educate kids with the personal example.

Online donations become a very popular way to support the work of charities throughout Israel. Ordinarily, the donation amount is small, however, and this is an important contribution in supporting someone in need.

Kids do their charity work, they help to pack food baskets

Charities in Israel: always ready to help

Charities care about the welfare of poor families in Israel, these organisations based on voluntary help and donations of citizens. Many charities operate not only in Israel but in other countries–the poverty has no nationality, social differences, religion or political views.

The poverty reduction is one of the results of charities activities because today there are still families living below the poverty line in Israel. Accordingly to statistics, the 1/3 of Israeli kids are malnourished, many people still live below the poverty line.

Food aid is an important aspect in helping poor families, and volunteers from Israel charities are doing their best and providing the poor with a food basket. It restores dignity to Jewish families with a regular distribution of thousands of food baskets in many Israeli cities.

Volunteering is a base for an activity of the charities, and anyone can become a volunteer to start a good work right now. Actually, many people start their volunteering in the charity from the packing food baskets, which will be distributed on a weekly basis to help poor families. The understanding of well-done work today gives us the opportunity to do even more tomorrow, that is the only essence of charitable work.