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JLo and Casper Smart have split: Protect yo heart

JLo and Casper Smart have split: Protect yo heart

Jennifer Lopez was celebrating her birthday two weeks ago, and during that period public was shocked with her splitting with Casper Smart. He’s not too smart, this Smart! To leave such a wonderful woman — it’s a crime, at least, decided JLo fans. And Jennifer, who is acting in the Shades of Blue, has shared the snap with slogan “Protect Yo Heart.”

JLo has split with Casper Smart, and yesterday the actress and singer shared her photo, first one from the moment of splitting with Smart. Despite the difficult time in her personal life, JLo wants fans to know that she’s taking care and putting herself first. She wrote on her Instagram:

‘Protect yo heart’

In other words, J.Lo wanted everyone to know that she’s protecting her heart at all times!
The 47-year-old superstar shared this snap, which is very popular in the N.Y.C. street art. Now, after splitting with Casper the graffiti slogan became very symbolic for the superstar.