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Johnny Depp spent $7,000 on Kardashian sofa for his daughter’s birthday, lawsuit reveals

Johnny Depp spent $7,000 on Kardashian sofa for his daughter’s birthday, lawsuit reveals

Johnny Depp loves his daughter, so when Lily-Rise asked for a special gift on her birthday, star father couldn’t resist. He spent $7,000 on Kardashian sofa – that was a gift, which made Lily-Rose happy. The lawsuit revealed some details regarding the nature of Depp’s spending the money.

An eccentric Johnny Depp spent $7,000 on a sofa that was seen on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This unexpected detail on how the Hollywood A-lister used to spend his money came about as part of an amended cross-complaint filed by Depp’s former business managers (The Management Group, TMG). The ex-employee claims Depp’s outrageous spending is responsible for his dire financial circumstances of late.

Depp insists that he is a victim of “gross financial mismanagement” caused by the former business managers, and they should have reined in his spending. The KUWTK sofa wasn’t the only example of the eccentric lifestyle of Mr Depp, notes his ex-business managers, the actor spent $500,000 on rental fees for warehouses to stock his vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia and $17,000 on Prada handbags.

Johnny Depp spent $7,000 on Kardashian sofa for his daughter's birthday, lawsuit reveals

Johnny Depp: how Hollywood stars used to spend money

The private island in the Bahamas is another caprice of Johhny Depp who employed year-round to take care of his property in the Ocean, reminds TMG attorney Michael Kump. That cost to the actor over a million dollars in apparent expenses, so star’s TMG management team have also claimed that they were forced to pay off Depp’s debt after he stopped making payments on his credit cards.

In comparison with the buying of an island, the Kardashian’s sofa looks meagre. But actor’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp, presumably a big fan of the Kardashians or at least their furniture. Whatever it be, a very expensive private life is a signature for every star and any socialite in Hollywood, so, probably Mr Depp’s steady decline started much earlier, in 2010, and continued after the divorce with two his wives, Vanessa Paradies and Amber Heard. The last one cost Johhny much of money and nerves, definitely, the year 2016 was the most unhappy for an actor, he lost his mother.