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Johnny Depp turns director as he toys with camera on the set of LAbyrinth

Johnny Depp turns director as he toys with camera on the set of LAbyrinth

Johnny Depp is working now in the new film about LA and the most mystery murder of the nineties. The Hollywood A-lister plays a cop investigating the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. On the set, Depp turns into director as well, he definitely enjoyed a turn behind the camera.

Johnny Depp enjoys the camera and it doesn’t matter for him where to be – in front of or behind it. The new drama where Johnny plays, LAbyrinth, will tell the story of an investigation by the LA Police the case of Tupac Shakur’s murder. The 53-year-old actor portrays real-life LAPD detective Russell Poole, on Monday, the paparazzi took several pictures from the set.

The ex-husband of Amber Heard was seen puffing a cigarette while playing baseball with a young co-star and his on-screen wife during the Los Angeles shoot. It is very nice to see, how Johnny cares about his kid co-star – the kindhearted father-of-two held his jacket above his crew member’s head to protect a boy from the California sun.

Johhny Depp as detective Russel in LAbyrinth

Johnny plays detective Russell who investigated the killings of the two high profile rappers, in a movie based on the 2002 non-fiction book LAbyrinth by former Rolling Stone journalist Randall Sullivan.

Johnny Depp on LAbyrinth set

Having been spotted on location in LA on a number of occasions, Johnny Depp has once again been throwing himself into the role, which was originally set for Sylvester Stallone.