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Johnson advised Britons to change kettles

Johnson advised Britons to change kettles

The British should replace their old electric kettle with a new one to save electricity, outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

Those with “an old kettle that takes forever to boil” should spend £20 ($23) on a new kettle, according to Johnson. This, as the prime minister said, will “save 10 pounds (11.6 dollars) every year on electricity bills.”

Writer Edwin Hayward responded. Offering this to Britons, whose average electricity bill rises by more than £1,500 (over $1,900) a year in October, Hayward says, «is like offering to bail water off the Titanic with a thimble after as he hit the iceberg

Britain’s Shadow Minister for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Bill Esterson of the opposition Labor Party believes Johnson has “lost touch with reality” or “he just doesn’t care“.

Recall, Johnson warned that the coming months will be difficult for the inhabitants of Britain, and electricity bills will be breathtaking. Since October 1, the British energy regulator has raised the cost of electricity by 80%, to a record £3,549 ($4,081) a year. By April, prices may reach 7.7 thousand pounds (about 9 thousand dollars). Experts believe that the situation in the United Kingdom is comparable to the Great Depression, Britain is threatened with a complete financial collapse, the most difficult economic situation against the background of the energy crisis may force the country’s authorities to turn to the IMF for help.