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Jordan, Syria agree to reopen Naseeb border crossing

Jordan, Syria agree to reopen Naseeb border crossing

Jordan and Syria have agreed on the opening of Naseeb border crossing on October, 15, SANA reported.

Jordan government’s spokesperson Jumana Ghunaimat confirmed on Sunday that the Naseeb border crossing will be officially opened on Monday. The decision came after technical teams from the two countries met on the Jordanian side, however, it will not open to normal traffic just yet, said Nael Husami, head of the Amman chamber of industry.

Syria’s Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar also confirmed the crossing’s reopening. That passage is known as Jaber to Jordanians, it is a vital lifeline for trade between the two neighbouring countries Jordan and Syria through them to other Arab countries.

The Naseeb crossing is of particular importance as it constitutes an economic artery for the neighbouring countries. It is the only outlet that links them with foreign markets for their agricultural products.

The reopening Naseeb border crossing is an important move, which turns a new page in the region’s life. The move comes after Syrian government troops reclaimed their side of the crossing in July as part of a deal with rebel fighters. The resumption of commercial trade through the crossing would bring major relief to President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The closure of the passage in 2015 cut a crucial transit route for hundreds of vehicles a day transporting goods between Turkey and the Gulf, and Lebanon and the Gulf, in multi-billion dollar annual trade.