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Jordan warns US, UK of ‘unprecedented threat’ of annexation

Jordan warns US, UK of ‘unprecedented threat’ of annexation

Jordan’s top diplomat, Ayman Safadi, on Thursday night warned his counterparts from the United States and the United Kingdom against the “unprecedented threat” of annexation plans laid out by Israel.

Jordan believes that Israel’s planned annexation of parts of the West Bank posed to the region’s stability, the foreign minister’s office said. According to Ayman Safadi, the plan is just unacceptable because of its possible destructive consequences.

In January, Trump-Kushner plan was also rejected by the Palestinians. The ‘deal of the century’ backed by Washington gives the green light from Washington for Israel to annex Jewish settlements and the Jordan Valley, a swath of land running along the border with Jordan.

During Thursday conversation with Mike Pompeo and Dominic Raab, the Jordanian foreign minister urged to the safeguarding of peace, underlines Amman’s strong opposition to Israeli plans in West Bank.

Ayman Safadi spoke with British FM Dominic Raab, calling him to make efforts to “safeguard” peace and prevent Israel from moving forward with the annexation project, the Jordan Times reported.

In a conversation with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Safadi said he’d expressed Jordan’s strong opposition to the move, which he warned would endanger prospects of peace.

Jordan never supported annexation plan

In the efforts to keep the stability in the region, Amman threatened to review its relationship with Israel if the Jewish state goes ahead with the controversial plans.

“We will not accept unilateral Israeli moves to annex Palestinian lands and we would be forced to review all aspects of our relations with Israel,” Prime Minister Omar al-Razzaz told Petra.

According to Palestinians, Trump-Kushner ends prospects for a two-state solution to their decades-long conflict with Israel.

Meanwhile, the US on Thursday warned its citizens to take extra caution when travelling to the West Bank or the Gaza Strip, anticipating potential violence.

Earlier, the State Department’s chief spokesperson said that any action should be part of discussions between Israel and the Palestinians on the Trump ‘deal of a century’.