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Jude Law’s pope is no angel in ‘The young Pope’

Jude Law’s pope is no angel in ‘The young Pope’

Jude Law and his next great role of the Pope in HBO drama made a lot of noise. It was extremely unexpected when Paolo Sorrentino presented a very controversial pontific image. The complicated character was exquisitely well done by the British actor who proven his character is no angel at all.

The actor Jude Law made another great job while playing a new character in the new HBO series ‘The Young Pope’. Law’s Pope astounds and makes to believe in him, this character is very deep and causes compassion. Jude used to play the complicated characters, his current Pius XIII has a bottomless charm, so, TV-series became popular.

According to Law, he feared that his Pope will look a bit fragile and megalomaniacal at the same time. However, the current political climate made this TV-series very in-time and even informative for the viewers.

‘It seems totally plausible,’

Jude Law added. On Wednesday, the British actor hosted a Cinema Society screening of the HBO series, the brainchild of Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, at the Crosby Street Hotel. Jude gave several interviews, in which he told a lot of interesting about his work with the director Sorrentino. Law was really flattered with the attention of famous Italian director, so he thanks for this great role of Pope and hopes the viewers will really like their ‘The young Pope’.