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Judge Alsup rejects Sanders’ supporter’s voting lawsuit

Judge Alsup rejects Sanders’ supporter’s voting lawsuit

A federal judge William Alsup has rejected a lawsuit by a Bernie Sanders supporter. Their point was the elections officials in California were robbing unaffiliated voters of the chance to vote in the state’s June 7 Democratic presidential primary.

U.S. District Court Judge William Alsup in San Francisco said on June 1st the Voting Rights Defense Project waited too long to request an injunction for mass media ads informing unaffiliated voters that they can vote in the presidential primary of the three parties (American Independent, Democratic and Libertarian).

The voter group had noted that county elections officials were failing to inform unaffiliated voters of that right, consequently, they threaten to disenfranchise many thousands of voters. A lawsuit named California Secretary of State Alex Padilla and two county elections officials. Padilla himself called the lawsuit ‘frivolous’.

Meanwhile, the latest Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday shows the race a statistical tie. According to this data, in California Clinton wins the support of 49 percent of likely Democratic primary voters while Sanders gets 47 percent only. Among all potential Democratic voters in this state, not just likely voters, Sanders leads Clinton, 48 to 47 percent respectively. So, Sanders refuse to give up so far.