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Julia Roberts lands ‘Most beautiful woman’ People magazine cover for 2017

Julia Roberts lands ‘Most beautiful woman’ People magazine cover for 2017

Julia Roberts’ face is on the cover of People Magazine’s annual ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ in 2017.

The Hollywood A-lister Julia Roberts won the title of the most beautiful woman, according to the People magazine that issues its own rating of the most attractive men and most beautiful women on the annual basis. This year, Ms Roberts landed the cover in the fifth time.

Julia Roberts became the star in 1991, immediately after her duo with Richard Geer in ‘The pretty woman’. The Hollywood long-leg beauty won the title of ‘The most beautiful woman’ four times – in 2000, 2005, and 2010 her face was on the cover of People’s special issue.

The fifth time became the record-breaking one for People and for Julia as well. She is a charming lady, no doubt, but there are many other beauties among the actress! In fact, People Magazine’s ‘Most Beautiful’ issue isn’t necessarily based only on beauty, note the readers.

Julia Roberts lands ‘Most beautiful woman’ People

Julia Roberts and Caitlyn Jenner on People’s cover: what is the genuine beauty?

It doesn’t seem like Julia Roberts is promoting anything pressing, but she does spend some time reminiscing about her most famous role in Pretty Woman.

Of course, compared to the money that Star Wars made, anything else might look like peanuts. However, it’s also easy to forget that Pretty Woman is one of the most successful romantic comedies of all time, and truly did cement Julia Roberts as a Movie Star for an entire generation. The May issue of People Magazine – with Julia Roberts’ entire cover story and interview – will be available this Friday.