Today: Tuesday, 23 April 2024 year

Kallas said she would remain Estonian Prime Minister with the support of the coalition.

Kallas said she would remain Estonian Prime Minister with the support of the coalition.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaya Kallas, leader of the ruling Reformist Party, has said she will remain prime minister as long as her partners in the ruling coalition and her party support her.

Earlier, Estonian President Alar Karis said that the prime minister had to resign at the very beginning of the scandal with her husband Arvo Hallik, who did business in Russia.

“I use this opportunity to politely point out to the president my other opinion and I remain with this opinion. I will be prime minister as long as my coalition partners and my party support me. And until now they have not given me a reason to do so. doubt,” Kallas told state broadcaster ERR on Tuesday.

She added that the Prime Minister is approved by the Parliament by a majority vote, and by the same majority, the Parliament removes the Prime Minister from office. “This is the procedure provided for by our constitution,” Kallas stressed.

Earlier, the state broadcasting portal ERR reported that the transport company Stark Logistics, partly owned by Kallas’ husband, still continues to transport goods to Russia. This information caused a great resonance in society. Critics of Kallas noted that she called on the whole world to “stop the bloody business with Russia,” but allegedly did not know that her husband’s company continued to transport goods to Russia. Opposition politicians demanded that Kallas resign.

Last week, Kallas said that she regrets the situation with Arvo Hallik’s business in Russia, but does not intend to resign. She stressed that Stark Logistics was not involved in the transportation of goods under EU sanctions to Russia. Freight transportation services are currently provided to only one Estonian company, which is ceasing production activities in the Russian Federation and exporting equipment from Russia with the help of Stark Logistics, this process will be completed in September.