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Kanye West’s ‘memory coming back’ after hospital stay, says producer

Kanye West’s ‘memory coming back’ after hospital stay, says producer

Kanye West has gradually turned into a walking reason for PR, his fans and subscribers do not expect from the rapper nor new hits, neither even a collaboration with colleagues. Kim Kardashian’s husband is completely transformed into the appendage to his wife, who is a master of self-PR.

Kanye West is experiencing the complex period of time, after his November rant, he spent a week in the hospital, now the rapper is getting good day by day. The family is the best medications for the Kanye’s memory, which is coming back, said the producer.

Kanye ‘heals’ at home following his hospital stay, according to Malik Yusef, friend and collaborator of Mr West. Yusef has revealed a new detail regarding Kanye West — he lost a memory but this fact didn’ become an obstacle to finish the next (fifth) season of Yeezy for Adidas. Well done, Kanye! Probably, the new collection will be just fantastic.

According to Yusef, he visited Kanye:

“I’ve been to his house [and] sat down with him for six, seven hours, just walking through his health and recovery,”

said Malik Yusef at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

‘His memory is coming back, which is super good. He’s just healing, spending time with his family.’

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After the on-stage meltdown in November, Kanye postponed all his shows across the UK and Europe. The staying at home gives the rapper a lot of ideas how to appear on the social networks, one of the most notable was a meeting with Donald Trump.