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Kate Middleton names Oxford University business chief as her private secretary

Kate Middleton names Oxford University business chief as her private secretary

Kate Middleton made an important the appointment of a high-flying new private secretary and since now, the 58-year-old Catherine Quinn becomes the Duchess’ gatekeeper.

The Duchess of Cambridge has poached a chief operating officer at Oxford University’s Said Business School as her private secretary. Prior to joining the royal family’s press pool, Mrs Quinn held roles at the Wellcome Trust and the Middle Temple.

The new job for Mrs Quinn means also a six-figure salary which will be met by Prince Charles through his private income from the Duchy of Cornwall. According to the accountant office of the Prince William and his wife, as well as Prince Harry, they together spent around £3.5million for their private households.

Rebecca Deacon, ex-secretary to the Duchess of Cambridge, has stepped down to work as a private consultant. She was the member of the inner circle from the time of Kae and William’s wedding in 2011, guiding her through the early, the toughest, years of royal life.

Who is new private secretary to the Duchess of Cambridge?

Catherine Quinn (pictured), who holds has an MBA from Said Business School and degrees from US and UK universities,  will take up her new post in October

Lancashire-born Mrs Quinn, a divorcee with a grown-up son, has an MBA from Oxford as well as degrees from other British and US universities. As private secretary to Duchess Kate, Mrs Quinn will become integral to every aspect of private and public life of Prince’s wife.

Recently, Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry are taking a significant step up in support of the monarch. So, the new appointment is a significant one, it signifies what many see as the “professionalising” of William and Kate’s private office as they embrace a more high profile royal role.