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Kate Middleton’s Valentine’s Day plans don’t include Prince William

Kate Middleton’s Valentine’s Day plans don’t include Prince William

Kate Middleton has a solo work engagement on Valentine’s Day, for Duchess of Cambridge 14 February will celebrate this special day without her husband. Prince William works on this day, so for the young royals, it will be another typical working day.

Kate Middleton and Prince William will spend the charming Valentine’s Day separately. For William, the mid-February day will look as another working shift on the Air ambulance. That is the reason for his absence at home on 14 February.

On Friday, the plans of Duchess Of Cambridge for the upcoming Valentine’s Day have been announced by Kensington Palace. The grandson of Elizabeth II William is working as a pilot at the RAF Air ambulance, his work looks like a row of shifts, one of them falls accurately on 14th February in this year.

Additionally, the spokesperson of the Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton will be meeting air cadets at an RAF base in Cambridgeshire on 14 February. From 2015, the Duchess is Royal Patron and Honorary Air Commandant of the Air Cadet Organisation. In 2017, it will the third meeting for her. Prior to Kate’s stepping in this role, the Duke of Edinburgh had this honour.

“The week acts as an initial ‘camp experience’ for cadets who are in their first six months of membership,”

a statement from the Kensington Palace said.

Prince Harry and his Valentine’s Day plans

Prince Harry and his controversial romance with the divorcee from the USA is getting hotter, the couple sees each other more often. On 14 February, Harry will take Meghan Markle to a romantic evening at the Alpine ski resort, Verbier.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Harry and Meghan were spotted last week in London, they had a dinner at the restaurant and walked down the streets of the capital. Meghan is working on the set of the ‘Suits’, the law drama became more popular because of her romance with the British prince.

Cinema is one of the areas of interest for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, recently they confirmed an attending the BAFTA ceremony. The patron of this ceremony is very proud of such guests and their support for the British cinema. Many people believes that Kate even will ‘overshadow’ the movie stars.

Kate and William are very busy, they both have a tight schedule. The royal website says the royal family has about 2,000 engagements, entertains 70,000 guests, and answers 100,000 letters every year.