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Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx: Tom Cruise’s Reaction

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx: Tom Cruise’s Reaction

The Hollywood tabloids are very intrigued; what the reaction of Tom Cruise on the romance between her ex-wife and Jamie Foxx? Katie Holmes seems to be very happy with her new man, so they have been outed as an official couple. 

The Hollywood is happy again ith new relationship. New couple born: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx’s relationship has been confirmed. The 37-year-old actress and her 48-year-old boyfriend could be the next it-couple in Hollywood. And what’s reaction of Tom Cruise on these romance?

Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes

In fact, Katie and Jamie were trying to keep their relationships in secret because they didn’t want somebody knows about it. Nor Tom Cruise, neither media. And now, when it’s out, they don’t how the situation will go. Since March 2015 Katie and Jamie have been working hard to keep their love out of the public eye, the Hollywood Reporter says.